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A message to all who attempt to coerce me to get the jab.

Updated: Jan 13

Use this article to send to your employers if ever faced with the vaccine ultimatum.

I am taking it upon myself to do the research since most people will default to saying "We don't know" or " No one really knows for sure what the numbers are." This is lazy thinking and in this case, can get someone injured or killed based on these unacceptable dismissals of critical thinking. Below are phrases and things people say that are unacceptable reasons to take the jab.

"It's to keep everyone safe from COV!D-19"

The Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson injections are not safe drugs. It is not even a vaccine. It is much more deadly than an actual vaccine that had been tested for years before it was approved by the FDA. According to 'VAERS Analysis'...

"Risk of dying from COVID vaccine is 170 times greater than Flu Vaccine" - VAERS
"Risk of adverse reaction from COVID vaccine is 55 times greater than Flu Vaccine" - VAERS

The chances of death are too high (in my book) to ever take something like this. So if you want me to be safe... I will not risk my health for your company. The reported deaths by year (versus the actual flu vaccine) below should be shocking.


"You're being selfish"

Said by someone close to me. Being selfish in some cases is NOT a bad thing. When we eat or listen to music we like, this is also being selfish. When I eat food I like, I (in most cases) am not considering eating because of the interest of an outside force/entity. I am eating because I'M HUNGRY; a necessity of life. This is selfish and you do it too if you're reading this. This is similar/identical with music. This word (selfish) has commonly been used in its negative connotation to invoke an emotion or manipulate the receiver of this word into shame which is an UNACCEPTABLE reason to take a drug. If you have done this to me, this is peer pressure. In this case, I'm using the word "selfish" with NO connotation added.


When it comes to the mRNA injections, I am exercising a normal and common personality trait within ALL humans. Selfishness. I am making the decision for myself to NOT take a drug that has broken the record for most adverse events in the world including heart malfunctions with famous athletes in soccer. Like everyone else, I am also a group of genetic material who is concerned with his own replication. I'd like to not take a risk with my well-being.

Below is data from VAERS that show how the COV!D-19 injections had accumulated more deaths than all other medicines in one year. So yeah, I'm gonna be selfish and save myself the negatively life-changing, DNA-altering drug that needed the definition of vaccine to be changed in order for it to be marketed as such.