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States opting out of COVID

Updated: Jan 7

I hate the fact that we have to have masks on based a blown-out lie once you know the truth, you cannot un-see the truth. Jobs are threatened for it, relationships are broken because of it and social media accounts are shadow-banned if a hint of it is in your content. I don't think this pandemic constitutes mass mandatory masks use. In this article, I will show you under-reporting states of COVID are being the most attractive to live in given it's opened business status.


  • Mortality from other health issues seems to be a bigger problem than COVID.

  • Testing methods harbor inaccurate results.

  • The states that do not report any confirmed cases seem to be more successful.

I believe politics has entered the realm of psychological warfare. This warfare includes foreign countries like China and Saudi Arabia. I think people are giving up their rights because they are being threatened with social pressure and societal confrontations. No one wants to be that guy so it's easy to cave in. Minds have already been primed for the acceptance of CCPP. The real virus is the lazy "give-in to demise" mentality for your health. I call it the "logic plague". It's been played out in the cards and nested into the zeitgeist. These are bold claims that need to be substantiated.


It may not be the fault of the CDC but it looks as if they failed to report any confirmed COVID cases or even any probable cases. I'm not sure why there are none but I can imagine that Florida relies on the numbers not being reported to maintain the tourist business. If I had to make a hypothesis, I'd say also that the media and other forces are trying to rewin business in Florida by trying to report that it's teaming with COVID cases. For a while, the media reported that Florida was the breeding ground for the CCP virus. Seeing that there are no confirmed cases or even probable cases, those claims may or may not be true. From my common sense, claims that Florida is a breeding ground for the CCP virus is a blatant lie. Florida is simply opting out of the political COVID theatrics by other states.

The following claim may be hard to believe at first but the US may be being attacked from the inside out by China and this pandemic is a way to cripple the business of America so that the Chines would be able to buy into markets at a low price. We made a trade deal with the Chines in 2000 under Bill Clinton, over time we began to notice everything was made in China. China wanted to make its currency more effective than the U.S. so China made a policy that all Chines businesses will conform to Chinese communist party business guidelines. At this point, the Chines became a financial threat to the U.S. due to the technological insecurities no one has prepared for.

The CCP had policies that allowed the Chines government access to any and all surveillance tech to inspect that the consumer or business is complying with the CCP guidelines. The U.S. eventually went on to ban Chinese tech companies that were capable of embedding spy tech within the American people. This included companies like Huawei and ZTE that were almost taking over the cellphone market of the U.S. Now, we believe this pandemic coming out of China is a passive-aggressive way to cripple the U.S. market and buy U.S. business legally. The result is market infiltration by the CCP.


Florida's intake of northern migrants had increased because states like New York had mandated business-crippling shutdowns. Here in Florida, I don't even know if I've ever encountered anyone who has had it even months into this perceived pandemic. Two Family members became sick numerous months apart of each other with flu-like symptoms but contracted those symptoms during a flu/cold season.



Texas has the second most recoveries in the united states. This state also opted out of reporting the confirmed cases. Below, watch as the governor of Texas explains the success they've had while opened.

Remember, 1+1=2 even if a dog days it.