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Don't Pick An Energy Drink Until You Read This.

Updated: Jan 7

I'm sometimes a coffee guy, most times I drink energy drinks because they don't make me poop. It's okay to poop but when I need energy and I'm on a roll, pooping can slow me down. Even if I drink an energy drink I sometime still end up pooping but way less. We've all been told it poison, so lets just pick one.

This article is about the effectiveness of different energy drinks I've had over the years. From my experience, some give you a short boost of high energy, while others just wake you up for and keep you up for as long as possible. ​

Let's start with the ranking system. This system is going to be based on my own experience and could possibly be the same for you.​

1.0 = "Kid's drink"

5.0 = "Pre-Workout"

Bang (Best Choice)

Bang Energy​ = 4.6

Bang hits the spot for me. It's not the best tasting but its effectiveness is the best. It's what's allowing me to make the first draft of this blog. I also have some sentimental value with Bang since a lot of the marketing is from right here in South Florida. Nothing is without bias and I'm open about that. Sill... even if they weren't made here in South Florida, Bang Energy is one of the most potent and effective energy drinks I've ever had period. It gives me a MAX energy boost and a MAX mental boost, so much that it's like pre-workout without the tingals you feel in your lips and thighs.​