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How To Identify Bad Clients By Their Habits

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Here are the 5 kinds of clients you have to be aware of in order to protect your business relationships.

The Picky Picker

This client doesn't know what they want. This client doesn't have the confidence to tell you what they want and masks this insecurity by agreeing with your ideas with little thought. You seem to dominate the conversation during the development stage and they may sometimes tune out and let you rome free but somehow still has an idea of what they want and ends up being something far different than what you proposed, effectively causing you to make drastic changes in post-production.

If you identify this early, you can help reduce potential buyers-remorse or they'll become the pickiest person in the world during post-production.

Let's say you didn't catch it in the beginning and you've made all the way to post-production. You can tell they are picky If they begin asking you to make changes to a prior change they asked you to make.

You have the feeling that they may not know what they want and will begin experimenting. Don't get me wrong, we love experimenting, but who's going to create 5 CG renders of you on a dragon over the Pentagon in 30 mins for free.

Another way to identify a picky client is that they want you to make multiple versions of something to use the process of elimination too often. We do what we can under the time and budget you invest.

Solution: Ask them to try to stick to the original plan or pay a minimum of 20% more for your labor and time. (Do this only if changes are excessive)


The Joker

They hide everything in a joke or a laugh. Its away for them to tell you how they feel or want about the project without being serious about it. They are actually afraid to ask you to make changes because they don't want to be shot down. So they shoot down their own idea from the get-go so you can't shoot what's already been shot, effectively minimizing the effect of shooting it down if shot is fired. Behind all that joking is someone sensitive. Work with them with grate care. They are exited to be there with you and simply want to experience what you do.

Solution: Ask them to be honest with what they want.


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