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Is Belly warning us about something?

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Belly, Nas and The Weekend had made a new track and it's got subliminal messages all over it. I'm just gonna jump into it.

In this clip, we see what's called Scorched Earth. The entire video takes place on scorched earth. Scorched earth is a place that directors and writers use in fiction and nonfiction stories to send the message that the end is near or the end is here for the characters in it. Destroyed, things or locations can symbolize that something is broken or defeated especially in the Hollywood context.

It means the current world we live in, the way of life in which we function has been destroyed.
Destroyed, defeated, making way for new

According to Marian Webster

The Definition of scorched earth is:

  1. relating to or being a military policy involving deliberate and usually widespread destruction of property and resources (such as housing and factories) so that an invading enemy cannot use them

  2. directed toward victory or supremacy at all costs: RUTHLESSscorched-earth rhetoric

My conclusion to why the director had chosen this scenery was to depict the state of America; a world fought with weapons, missiles and bombs however, nations haven't had to use explosive projectile weapons on buildings in a 1st world country in a long time. Now, we fight with bioweapons. It's invisible and weakens society. That is the real damage and the parallel I see with the video vs reality.


  • Defeated society

  • Broken society

  • Hopelessness



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