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Newcasegate!: Mestreious Search Results Manipulation!!! By Who??

Updated: Jan 7

Option peace (Using facts)

Originally posted in August-September

We've been duped and I mean DUPED! We trusted them with our homework. How could we have been so naive? Well, let me tell you how. Recently a phenomenon has been arising on the major search engines. If you simply typed in any 3 digit number into Google or Bing, followed by the phrase "New Cases", you'll get exactly that number of new cases for your search results. Click any of the photos below to check it out.

Long Story Short

COVID is a fraud We're not saying it's not real, but it's not as rampant as we thought it was. We actually don't have to were a mask especially in public. You can still use them but you're breathing your down CO2 depriving yourself of oxygen. Notice, when you take it off, you feel at ease. The mask is a mind control game by the billionaires who want us to stay home, eat TV dinners and riot on the weekends. They change out search results to feed into the COVID fear. We explain more in the video below.


At this point, it's becoming funny 🤭 They think we're fools. The amount of cases is what I decide it should be.

We brought you this video by @EssyGriffin14 on Twitter to show you in realtime.

Below is an image of the same tweet, just in case it gets taken down again.

I searched for 123 new cases in Bing and click on a result.