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Everything you're doing wrong with your phone when sending files.

Updated: Jan 7

A kind message by us creative professionals to clients. We just want you to understand.

Don't ask us to edit photos or videos you send via text.

The reason we don't want to edit your photos when you send them via SMS or MMS is that we automatically can't use them as a part of our professional portfolio due to the loss in quality. To the average person looking on Instagram or text message, they can't tell what happened but when you take that same degraded file and upload it to a pro portfolio site like Behance, no other photographer will take us seriously. It will look like we don't know how to preserve image quality.


Don't copy or screenshot images from your text and then send them via email.

People think we just want them via email because we can see them on our computers. For some, that's partially correct. We are asking you this because if you have the original files, sending 1 via email (if JPEG and under 25MB) will be sent at its original quality. Now, If you have more files to send, that takes me to my next point below.


Don't send groups of photos via email.

Doing this will take forever because you will be sending one or very few files via email from numerous photos in a library. Instead, use WeTransfer. No one needs an account. Let me say this again. No one needs an account.