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Tyler, The Creator Oddspiracy

Updated: Jan 7

Let me first begin with a disclosure. What you're about to read is all a theory, an odd theory or conspiracy. We'll call it "The Oddspiracy" and I think I've solved it. In 2018 Jaden Smith and Tyler, the creator had told the public that they are dating, not that there's anything wrong with that,

It's just out of nowhere and seems too convenient. Tyler was and still is a controversial character; some could call him a light hatred provocateur based off of what he was rapping about in the passed. Based on that, I'm not convinced he's gay.

More power to him if they are really dating, my notification will forever be on for him but knowing his genius ways, I have become skeptical but with a smirk on my face; I think I've figured out their elaborate plan or reasons.


Lets brake down the possibilities

  1. He lot a bet.

  2. He's using gayness as a way of avoiding any rape accusations and cancel culture.

  3. They are actually trolling the music industry by becoming what they believe the industry deems more valuable. Gay is "in" these days and at least America, they aren't so oppressed but they sort of are in Hip-Hop.

  4. They are actually gay and/or openly experimenting while paving a way for gay rappers like LilNasX

  5. He's up to something genius I"m not aware of.

My trans friend from work asked me to listen to Tyler's - Flower Boy for proof of his sexuality. The first place I went to is and Play Music. In an interview with Matt F, Tyler states that when talking about boyfriends, he's making a figure of speech.

" Earlier today, Tyler followed up that comment with a tweet that claims he was "single" at fifteen, and that his boyfriend comment was just a "figure of speech" in order to get listeners, as well as those who may be whispering to each other about his love life, to be more open-minded. Whether or not he's telling the truth about having a previous boyfriend one way or the other - and frankly, it's none of our business - it's just another example of how forward-thinking an artist he is, especially when put into the context of a hip-hop culture that's still at least mildly uncomfortable with non-heterosexual partnerships."

Already, I did some research and I'm seeing signs that point to him always being gay or bi. According to Trey Alston of, when they asked him a question about sexuality and his 4th album Flower Boy, he responded with.

"It's still such a grey area with people, which is cool with me," he revealed. "Even though I'm considered loud and out there, I'm private, which is a weird dichotomy. The juxtaposition of loud and quiet is weird."

It's probably not that deep but if I were to think like a computer, zeros, ones and the whole nine, this response is still vague on whether he's gay or not. On Hot 97's talk show with Dj Funkmaster Flex, he mentioned a few things that would lead anyone to think he was gay.

Let me explain.

Stating your level of privacy is not related to sexuality though in context it's possible. A "loud and out there person" may be hinting to sexuality but it's not technically a bull's eye. Hints and possibilities lead us to gray areas. The results we get from Google as of 2019 when we type in: "Who is Jaden Smith dating" is telling, however, Jaden smith had been seen numerous times with a female lover.